DAATC Training Classes

Obedience & Puppy Training

Training classes run throughout the year, with a short break over Christmas and New Year. Classes are on a Thursday evening in the Bullionfield Hall in Invergowrie (see map)

We follow the Kennel Club Good Citizen Training Scheme

There is no need to book, you can just come along to the appropriate class for your dogs : dogs less than 1 year old should come to the 6 – 7pm class, dogs over 1 year old should come to the 7 – 8pm class.

The first time you come to the class you should bring your dogs’ vaccination certificate.

Your dog should be wearing a collar and lead and you should bring treats and/or a toy to help with training.


Membership of the club costs £10 annually.

Classes are £3 per session (half price for under 16’s & Senior Citizens)

Alternatively you can pay the £72 annual training fee (pro rata) which covers all training in the club (obedience and agility). This is required if you are going to do agility training with the club (see Agility Training information below)

Agility Training

Our agility training also runs throughout the year. During the summer we train outdoors at Camperdown park on weekday evenings and weekends when there isn’t a competitive show on. During the winter we have blocks of indoor training out at Tealing.

In order to start agility training your dog must be at least 6 months old. We also have an initial assessment via our obedience training classes, as agility is an off-lead sport and requires a basic level of obedience so that we can keep all our dogs safe. Don’t worry if you don’t have a perfect recall yet – we know that young dogs can be a little difficult at times.

If you are interested in doing agility come along to the appropriate obedience class (see above) and let your trainer know that you would like to start agility training. They can assess you and your dog and let you know when the next agility starters intake will be. We try to start groups of beginners together so that people at a similiar level can learn together.


Membership of the club costs £10 annually.

The training fee (which covers both obedience and agility training for the year) is £72. (Half price for under 16’s) .

Training fees are applied pro rata in the first year you join the club, but from then on are due in January each year.

The indoor training over the winter has additional costs as we have to hire the venue. These vary depending on the venue and length of block we are booking, but as an example for winter 2018 a 6 week block of training (twice a week) was £27 per dog (£3 per session)